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ZENN Electric Car – MADE IN CANADA (a post graciously supplied by KES of

I admit, there are times when I am actually jealous of my blog-writing peers. They write something interesting I wish I had thought of first. Or, their economy of words and the most well-turned of phrases are used. However, there are sometimes posts put up by people you admire and realize that no matter who did the post, it’s one which is too important to be missed by others who blog.

KES, a very active blogger from the community was generous enough to allow me to repost her blog article. It’s about an electric car called the ZENN (Zero Emissions No Noise) which is currently made in Canada. Everything below is KES‘s original post.


Recently I found out about this CANADIAN electric car called ZENN. Which mean Zero Emission No Noise, also considering my Canadian friends on Gaia, it was cool to find out it was made in Canada. I know we are all looking for alternatives to the raising gas prices…which is a total conspiracy in my viewpoint but that is another subject.

I was looking at a Hybrid because my husband and I already have two gas cars. So I was researching this on the internet and I found this cool little car. Believe it or not for quite a while they could only sell to the USA because Canada did not approve electric cars on the road! Well they have changed that now, you can drive in British Columbia now with other provinces to follow.

I was very impressed with this car and considering buying one.


Thanks again to KES for sharing her post.



  1. I discovered your homepage by coincidence.
    Very interesting posts and well written.
    I will put your site on my blogroll.

  2. Yeah, record demand and not enough oil and this bozo is using conspiracy as an explanation. Please give us details. Please tell us why these “conspiracies” amazingly only seem to occur for commodities that are in short supply? Why didn’t they occur years ago? You people are the reason oil is expensive but are trying to blame ghosts and conspiracies. Why don’t you learn how oil is auctioned of so you have a clue how the market works? Why are you people so dumb? This bozo thinks driving a 25 MPH on a freeway is a good idea? These littlevehicles are rolling coffins and this nut wants to avoid $4 gasoline by buyinng what amounts to a $12 gas equivalent car. Those batteries will drive you into the poorhouse.
    This shill obviously knows nothing about the true costs of an electric car.

  3. This post by Kerry bradshaw (?) is most likely bogus. I sent the following reply: “Hello,
    I am not approving your comment–for now.

    I dislike the patronizing tone. However, what I would really LIKE from you is
    some support for your viewpoint. If you have info that I can review and learn
    from then I would really like to share it.

    I don’t care for conspiracy theories but the one referred to in the video was a
    Canadian bureaucratic SNAFU that sounded more like incompetence.

    Electric cars are not the total answer today, I agree, but I think that car
    companies are headed toward providing them as part of the market mix.

    Again, any information you can provide to support your views would be welcome.

    Thank you,
    Rationalpsychic ” and got Returned Mail Message. Talk about conspiracy theories! If this person is legit, I’m still open to posting a more reasonable response with verifiable claims.

  4. Nicole said
    i wonder if i will see any while in vancouver!

    Stephanie said
    Neat! that’s exciting! I want one! owning one reduces 6 tons of CO2s a year?! i wonder how fast it can go.

    On the speed thing, i bet it can go as fast as a sports car with batteries becomming more compact, light, and more powerful….

    Crudebliss said:
    On the other hand though, i read an article that these sorts of alternatives will actually increase the electricity requirement on the national grid… (coz you have to charge them,,, and they take allot of energy to recharge…) so the question still remains; will we ever solve the energy issue, (coz the requirement on the national grid is still dependant on fossil and nuclear fuels…)
    I think the best option is a bicycle.

    Stephanie said:
    I think you’re right about cycling. another thing that I’ve thought about, but haven’t heard anything on is the idea of using multiple forms of energy. for instance, using solar panels, ethanol, AND electricity. By a way of spreading consumption over a range of things it would help make any of the consciences not quite as extreme. I guess sort of like the delorean in Back to the Future. Maybe Doc was onto something!

    Meenakashi said:
    Hmm…ZENN and the art of…smart-car maintenance? It does look a lot like the Smart cars I saw in Paris.

    Dave said:
    I really hope sales take off! GM just closed an entire manufacturing plant just outside of Toronto, so it would be sweet to see ZENN succeed.

    Here is the website… .

    My wife has a Smart Car and loves it. Too bad we got it before this was available.

    Schwartzman said:
    Lets change the world by buying zenncars….mad props!

    I just found out that next years model goes 80mph so its good to said a few months.

    I would love to see the critic build a car that can save the environment and carbon footprint. Those that help not harm the future generations have plenty of jobs so I disagree with critics that can’t do anything but nullify now.

    It is good to keep on researching this.

  5. In resonse to Kerry Bradshaw’s remarks about an electric car’s maintenance costs;maybe the next time he’s getting his oil changed,rad flushed,belts changed,transmission flushed,air filter replaced, exhasted replaced, hoses replaced, and all the other components of a internal combustion engine that need regular maintenance, maybe he will think twice about calling other people “dumb” (which acctually means the inability to speak). At least us “Bozo’s” keep an open mind.

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  7. Fantastic information. will definitely come back soon:D

  8. Interesting story, thank you rationalpsychic.

  9. And this is one of the way i can agree too. But In other way that’s truely hard to take chance for it, if you now what i mean. Regards

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