Posted by: rationalpsychic | Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sexy little films by Isabella Rossellini–about bugs!

I don’t think that I’ve ever told you folks this, but…I would be Isabella Rossellini’s unpaid servant just to be in her presence. She could call me such things as “dirty monkey,” or “bad-smelling dog” –and worse! just so that I could listen to that woman and to see her as she goes about her day.

As with many artists, especially those in the field of drama and cinema, Ms. Rossellini is sometimes willing to give the voyeurs of the world (like me) a narrow window to peek through so long as the window opens up onto her genius.

Rossellini as a praying mantis

In this instance, the window opens on her views of the sex life of bugs, with Isabella portraying a large number of bugs. In some naughty instances, Isabella plays the male bug. Ms. Rossellini talked briefly on the Sundance Channel about her reasons for making these short pieces and how she sees this as a new form for story-telling.

She points out the interesting possibilities brought out by the internet and how shorter video pieces can work well for a filmmaker with a short, almost buglike attention span.

Her budget was minimalist, the vision is childlike and lets you get into the sex life of the bugs she portrays.

The actual films are shown on The Sundance Channel.


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