Posted by: rationalpsychic | Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How was your Christmas?

Mine was good, thanks for asking. I got to see my two oldest daughters, who haven’t visited, gone out for dinner with me, etc., for a long time. I missed them so much that when they did come over I was careful not to start emoting immediately. I treated them like the shy, yet wily, whitetail deer that they are; spread corn upon the forest floor and waited patiently behind the bushes, doused in deer musk.

My oldest girl even bought me a present, “Life is Beautiful” with Roberto Begnini. I must be the only person who never saw this movie among the glitterati literati. I know that it will cause me to weep uncontrollably. Italians, children, WWII, death as a certain and unyielding fate–what could be missing from this film?

 And the littlest one, my four-year-old passed out the presents and loved acting like the big shot. If Santa gets tired of the gig, this one weighs only 27 pounds and getting down chimneys would be no problem for her. She’s also got the stomach for cookies, let me tell you.

And that dear lad of mine (9 years old) was his usual curly-headed joy. Showed off the binoculars he got from my (ex) father-in-law, the remote control dinosaur and an especially lyrical toy: a remote control dragon fly with four clear, veined wings that propel it about the yard.

 Gorgeous stuff. Moments that made me think, “How do I keep this going?” Do I find someone who wants to adopt another child before they’re through with raising kids? Or, were those few moments of peace a gentle reminder to lay down a few burdens by the riverside and continue the stroll downriver?

Enjoy the holiday you celebrate next. Enjoy those you celebrate with. Some great spirit moves amongst us all.


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