Posted by: rationalpsychic | Monday, July 9, 2007

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Voices Political Frustration: “We don’t need oil–we need citizens!”

I haven’t used a link before as the core of my post. However, I feel that there is so much happening in terms of political issues that they need to be highlighted more often–even on a blog like mine which I wouldn’t classify as being overtly political.

I think that there is also such a lack of discussion by anyone to the left of Sam Brownback on the formation and expression of opinion. Even with such a large, well-publicized issue as global warming there is really so much work to do. What’s been decided? Global warming = bad? The scientific evidence is becoming more and more available. The question is, what do we do with it? How do we respond? What set of values will we consider as a basis for our response?

I’m including this YouTube file with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. talking at a Live Earth event because I like his message that we have to get past the “false choice” we’re being sold by the Bush Administration that we have to choose between a viable, ecologically sound future and an economy that allows us to live above a subsistence level.

Maybe there are many of you out there who far ahead of me on this issue. That’s OK. I think that there are such a great bunch of folks who stop by here that I’d like to hear a little from you in reaction to the rhetoric presented in the video. I think his message is helpful because it takes me beyond the headlines in the newspaper and what I’m presented by the talking heads on network TV.

We need to change the focus of this society and slow things down a bit. What if it weren’t just a pipe dream to start thinking seven generations ahead? What if we thought two or even one generation ahead? It’s possible. We can write a few more e-mails and make some calls that will turn up the heat under some tushes that are beholden to interests besides our own.

Please comment and share the video if you think it’s worth the 6 minutes of your time.



  1. I think you nailed it. This artificial dichotomy the Reps create with almost every issue is galling. “It’s either or.” You see it with the homosexuality issue, evolution, and of course Global Warming.

    Now, I’m no scientist, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m fairly certain people can survive without money, as tough as it may be, but we cannot survive without oxygen, land, food etc.

    Again, I could be mistaken as I’m not an “Intelligent Design Theorist” or anything, but I’m pretty sure when people run out of food they die.

  2. You, sir, are modest almost beyond reason. And I think you are correct that food is more necessary to survival than money. However, new 100’s have a unique rustling sound one cannot get from a bologna sandwich. There’s the rub.


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