Posted by: rationalpsychic | Monday, June 18, 2007

Lazy Blogger Sighting…

Sorry to be a lazy blogger. I had two kids’ soccer events to go to this weekend, one of them 45 minutes away and the other 2 hours away. Griffin scored a goal and was extremely happy the whole weekend. He counts his stint as goalkeeper as a successful one.

Miss Elizabeth has not spent the day with me in a long time (a year?) and I was grateful to drive her around. She was in a poor mood when her team lost their second game in the afternoon. I think that was primarily due to the way her coach used her in the games: 8 minutes in the first game, then she played the entire game for their championship struggle. When I pointed this out to her, the divine Miss E said, “Yeah, that’s because Betsy [name has been changed to protect…] left after the first game and he didn’t have anyone else to play defense.”


Pity she’s too young for “Ball Four.” If anyone knows of a good insider’s look at soccer by a player with a sense of humor I’d love to hear about it. Thanks.


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